Tanana Valley State Fair 2007

At last! All my entries for the Tanana Valley State Fair are done, and judged, so I can blog about them! Remember that you can click on each image for an enlargement.

Chatelaine Scissors holder

Chatelaine: I’ve been working on the chatelaine since forever, it seems like. I finally finished it on Saturday afternoon, just an hour or three before I entered it in the Needlework Division at the Fair. It won its lot, but I think that’s all the ribbons I’ll be getting. I’m just so happy to finish it, and I love it! I can’t wait to make my own now. I don’t like the way the “hanging down part” ties into the part that goes around your neck, so when I get it back I’ll probably take that apart and re-do it. I just couldn’t figure out another way to do it at the last minute. I blogged about the chatelaine here and here. It is my own pattern, based on an old tie I had laying around (taken apart and in my scrap box of course!). The neck part I just made up.

The Chicken Sisters

The Chicken Sisters: Yes, they’re based on the Flat Angels; more here. The fair theme this year is “Faster than a speeding pullet”, so anything chicken-like, or in the fair colors of red and yellow (I think…) will get a theme award. The sisters were so much fun to do! They have “Bendy Doll” legs, made from 3 pipecleaners/leg, wrapped in 3 or 4 different yarns. I couldn’t resist the googly eyes, so I glued them on. And one of the girls thinks pretty highly of herself, and made me add a little tiara! The rascal! They ended up in the Doll Division, in the Chicken Class.

plaid shirt revitalized!

Recycled Shirt: I blogged about this earlier. It’s entered in the Reuse class of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Division. The woman who took my entry was a character! She wanted to know all about my name (Edie), since she’d never heard it before, and is planning on using the name in one of her stories. I had so much fun talking to her!

trio of postcards

Postcards: Two of the flower postcards went into the Handicraft Division. I also attended the Georgeson Botanical Garden gala, and sold three cards there. Even better, I’m selling them in the giftshop now! So my get-rich-quick scheme is working! well, as long as I don’t plan on retiring on the postcard sale proceeds 🙂

Flower hat

Flower hat: I finished the hat well before entry day, and I am just enchanted with it! It’s made using the same method as the flower postcards, with real flowers sandwiched between two layers of organza. A number of other people liked the hat as well, so I may get to sell some of these. I know it got a first in its lot, but the class and grand champions hadn’t been determined in the Sewing Division when I stopped by after judging in the Needlework Division (I judged cross-stitching, so didn’t even come near the freehand embroidery judging).


2 responses to “Tanana Valley State Fair 2007

  1. LOVE that chatelaine!!!!

  2. thank you! Penny does too 🙂 apparently she gets similar comments every time she uses it. I have one cut out for myself, but I have yet to embellish it. Soon, I hope!
    I traded the chatelaine for a beautiful quilt from my friend Penny. Good trade-we’re both happy!

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