The wedding gift

Pam’s gift

Now that the chatelaine is finished (well, almost; I’m going to do a little adjustment on the ‘around the neck’ part), I’ve started on what was intended to be a picture frame for a wedding photo, and grew into a small wall quilt with a spot to place a photograph. It’s for my friend Pam and her husband Tim, to celebrate their marriage last year. I asked her for fabrics from her wedding, which have been appliqued to the ground fabric. I’ll be adding ribbons from wedding outfits and decorations, that Pam gave me, as well as adding a plethora of findings to embellish the wall hanging.

As an added criteria, I’m going to try to follow the old wedding saying, “something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue”. I like the tradition behind the saying, and the constraints that places on me. Now I have the opportunity to apply some creativity to displaying something new, old, borrowed, and blue.

TAST stitches

In addition, this will be embroidered solely with TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) stitches, and give me a chance to finally learn, and experiment with, all those TASTy new stitches that Sharon B. has been dishing out! And since the wedding was last year, I’m also considering it a WISP, so it’ll be in my Finish It Sunday category too.

So far, I’ve used these TAST stitches:

  1. oyster stitch
  2. french knots
  3. arrowhead stitch
  4. basque stitch
  5. running stitch
  6. crossed buttonhole stitch

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