Center pull yarn ball

I don’t knit, I don’t crochet, but I have a beeeg box of yarn. Now I know how to wind a ball so that the yarn comes out of the center. Thanks to Ariadne Knits!

And now I will toddle off to rewind the balls I wound last week so they’d fit in their overstuffed box.

Oh, what do I do with all that yarn? Hoard it mostly, and fondle it, and ogle the colors and textures. And occasionally I use it; I braid a few pieces together, and couch it down with beads, findings, and embroidery stitches, over a seam (or not); or I tangle up the yarn with ribbons, and couch that down. And of course the Flat Angels use a bit of the stash. But mostly I just hoard and fondle and ogle. And buy more!


One response to “Center pull yarn ball

  1. I know there are many knitting lovers, and knitting sites are popping up all over. But I just don’t get it.

    me either! embroidery is much more relaxing and more creative!

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