Work, work, work!

I cleaned up the cabin today, and sorted things into piles. It’ll be interesting to read this post next year, and see what I accomplished.

Short term projects:

  • Chatelaine: fix neckline attachment and make scissors fob 8/21/2007 – finished!
  • Small green bear: stuff and decorate (this pattern has been bugging me for a year!) 8/17/2007 – finished!
  • Five wall quilts: all need backing and quilting; one is for my Secret Quilting Pal in Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild, one is for a birthday present, and three now only ONE! just needs to get finished
    • Secret Quilting Pal quilt – finished 9/16/2007 and given to Jackie
    • Birthday present – finished 9/16/2007 and given to Susan
    • Wall quilt #1 – Tidepool – finished 9/30/2007 and entered in 64th Parallel show
    • Wall quilt #2 – The Dinosaur’s Garden – finished 9/30/2007 and entered in 64th Parallel show
  • Vest: add buttons to anchor side seams

Already committed long term projects:

  • Needlework box/SRE for class: I purchased an old needlework box for $3.00, to refurbish, and I’m making an SRE top for it to use as the sample for a class I’m teaching this fall
  • Flower organza hats for sale (5-10, to sell)
  • Small quilt/picture frame for wedding gift (already started)
  • Baseball cap to trade for handwoven fabric for a pullover
  • Chatelaine for myself (already started)

Need to finish:

  • Small crazy quilted photo holder as a gift for my sister, or maybe as a donation to the North Star Needlework Guild’s silent auction at next year’s fair
  • Wallhanging: to donate to a long term care facility? started in 1995

And these are crazy, but I want to do them:

  • Paint the Extra-toughs for the Joggles shoe challenge; Extra-toughs are standard summer footwear up here-I don’t hike in anything but rubber boots anymore. Has to be completed by 11/17/2007!
  • Make a triptych using one photo altered three different ways by August 15 (Take 3! triptych challenge, Cloth Paper Scissors) 8/21/2007 – too late to get into the challenge, but I’d still like to fool around w/this idea

Keep in mind that this is just what’s floating around on my worktable and in my sewing basket. There are also:

  • a couple dozen UFO/WISP projects boxed up in the shed
  • a basket full of patterns to “do someday”
  • boxes I’d love to embellish with crazy quilted tops and line the insides with fabric
  • a gallon baggie with tiny flowerpots and bottlecaps to make into pincushions for gifts
  • a small basket on the shelf above the worktable with all sorts of wooden thingies to paint, and use for crazy quilts or projects
  • garage projects:
    • a chair to reupholster
    • a rocking chair to strip and paint
    • my Mom’s sewing machine cabinet to paint
    • a nice wooden box to strip and paint

So it’s possible that I’ll get waylaid by one of the lower priority projects and won’t get the first set of projects finished. But any journey… is just one step at a time. And if I can just keep my focus, adjust priorities as needed, and keep track of my goals, I’ll get these things done.


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