It’s my birthday

Birthday gifts

Another year old and more to enjoy… my friend Colette had a grand ol’ time gathering things for me. Wrapping paper (four rolls!) and a package from Artella for paper collaging (stamps, ATCs, old sewing pattern, a postcard, and the Artella zine), a calendar with scenes of Alaska, and one of “Bad Dogs” (from Rose), a sunprinting kit, antique beads, bells for a hat (little tiny ones that just tinkle), and a creativity button, an insect thumbtack holder that is Awesome!, and a windup butterfly.

Toys, toys, toys!

Oh and the Coleslaw Doll! From our fave shopping mart-the transfer station! Preserved forever; you can see an eye and two little hands mixed in with chopped up stuffing, fabric and lace. One of these days I’ll raid the jar to do something with those hands 🙂

Insect thumbtack holder

I think this is my favorite; I’ve been eyeing this little bug at one of my favorite stores in Fairbanks, If Only, but just couldn’t justify spending the money. For a desk accessory, she’s pretty pricey. But the windup butterfly is a pretty close second. Yes, 50-some years old, and I still like getting toys the best!


4 responses to “It’s my birthday

  1. Well happy birthday. 😉

  2. A late ,but a big Hurray!
    Happy Birhtday to you!

  3. Yes I still want to swap PC with you. E-mail me private to swap adresses.

  4. Awesome! I will email you now 🙂

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