More flowers!

Flowering houseplants

So who knew these would flower? I was amazed last week when this little guy, in the left hand corner, had a pink bud. And now there’s three flowers!

The lemon geranium also has a flower; I rescued this plant from the lab last year, repotted it and left it outside for the summer. Over the winter it drooped down searching for what light it could find; the lab is on the non-sunny side of the building, so no direct sunlight. Another summer outside didn’t straighten her up 😦
And my African violet flowered! I usually kill these guys, so I was thrilled that a) I didn’t kill it! and b) it actually flowered again! It was on sale at Freddy’s a few weeks ago, because all the blooms were gone, and me, glutton for punishment, couldn’t resist. So I’m totally thrilled that it’s happy enough to bloom. I guess a little benign neglect goes a long way πŸ™‚


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