More birthday treats

Well, this is a little late, but this is what my sister sent. Boy, did I have a good birthday! I don’t have the wrapping from the package she sent (it’s decorating my office at work), but trust me, it was fun! And she sent a Chihuahua-shaped card too!


From the most practical of gifts for an Alaskan outdoorswoman – mosquito spray, a space blanket, a package of yummy soup, and waterproof matches. The potato cooker bag is at work, since I don’t have a microwave at home; decorated with frogs (somehow I have become a collector of frogs). I used it for corn the other day; delicious!

fun ‘n frivolous

To the fun and frivolity of flower face buttons, a package of pink assorted buttons, and colorful hands; butterfly lights that I’ll use as a nightlight during the winter; and a magnetic photoholder with a dangly dogbone. She also sent some U.S. themed charms that didn’t make it into the photo.


And just like at Christmas, everything was wrapped with some kind of useable ribbon! One decorated with my name, one with a happy birthday button on it. Oops! I don’t know what the tape is doing in this picture!


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