Paper crafting

journal cover

I started a new journal a few days ago, and played with some of the collage stuff I got from Colette to make a cover for it. The background is acrylic paint; just messing around, spreading color here and there. The cover is meant to inspire, remind me of my goals for this year, and give me something to think about, to write about. I use glitter on just about everything I use glue on; just can’t help it. It’s been a long, long time since I got out glue and paper scissors; this was a fun project!

Chihauhau little white dog puppies

And since I had the messy stuff out, I dolled up some of the postcards I got with the dog calendar. I had a couple bottles of sparkly nail polish, so oh what the heck, I used nail polish instead of glue to paste down the small pieces of collage. Boy, does it stink! no more of that! It was fun to play with the photographs and change them so they made more sense to me. I didn’t realize it would obscure the stamp images so much though; I wasn’t real happy with that, but too late now.


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