Rascally boys and dirty faces

Little Mr. Grumpy Grampa and the older one

Check out those grimy little mugs! I was Not Paying Attention, being more interested in trying to get two tired ‘n wired little boys to sit still long enough so I could take their picture. I think my rascals look good in their new hats! J, on the left, would only wear his backwards, so I’m going to make another pair of hats with smaller bills, and see if he likes that better. He wore his hat constantly while at Grampa’s house; we’ll see if mama lets him keep it.


2 responses to “Rascally boys and dirty faces

  1. Great Photos with hats.

  2. Thanks Sandy! I’m impressed with your collages-they’re very sophisticated. And the fact that you’re multi-lingual. I wish I were!

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