Almost finished!

Tidepool The Dinosaur’s Garden Secret pal quilt

I am almost finished with the short term projects from this post! One more small quilt that will go on stretcher bars, then get framed. I think… And I need to put the buttons on the vest. Then I can get back to the wedding gift, and working on the silk ribbon sampler for the class I’m teaching next month. I’m also hoping to make some brooches and/or buttons with silk ribbon flowers, that will be demos for the class. And the hats; gotta get those organza hats done and off to their new owners!

And I started another bra; oh, this is awful… funny, that is! I found this bra while walking Gizmo one morning; must have fallen out of someone’s laundry basket while they were whizzing down the dirt road I live on. I have been trying to figure out who, on my road, would wear a black lace bra… So I just had to have it! And now it will have a new life as a small bag.

Anyway, the first little quilt above, Tidepool, will eventually go to a friend as a Christmas gift. I entered it in the local arts association show, 64th Parallel (for Interior Alaska artists), along with The Dinosaur’s Garden. This was just a fool-around piece; I used crayons to make the flowers, then there was a silk hanky to play with; it needed some tulle to contain it, so I had to embroider over that to keep the hanky on; and the bottom looked pretty raggedy so I added the green felt. I’m happy enough with this one, that I’m going to keep it, at least for now. And sadly, neither of the two quilts made it into the 64th Parallel show.

The third little quilt has already been given to my secret pal from last year at the local quilt guild. Jackie has it hanging in her office. It was supposed to be on a cigar box purse, but I did something else with the cigar box, so it had to become a quilt.

I have one more finished small quilt, but I don’t have a picture of it yet. It’s already hanging at A Weaver’s Yarn, and I was so touched by Susan’s reaction. She just loves it, and was so happy to receive it. I love gifting people like that!

And lastly, I donated a small quilt that I made years ago to the Amanda Project at our local hospital. The Amanda Project collects small quilts that go to women who have lost a baby; it is something for them to hold and remember the baby that didn’t come home with them. No picture of that either; it was a very simple nine patch in pink and grey.


One response to “Almost finished!

  1. Hi! Just came across your introduction on the new Whipup forum and thought I’d take a peek into your blog. I’m glad I did…those mini-quilts are breathtaking. Love the colors and themes. See you around!

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