Oh my! Hats, hats, hats!

Many thanks to David Osaduke of The Internet Millinery Hub for commenting on my organza baseball caps, leading to my discovery of a good number of hat resources and hat makers. David’s Fashion Coverings blog has a YouTube video of Ralph Lauren’s spring 2008 collection, which includes a number of hats – yay!!

One of the links I found while wandering around is Penny Rieck’s Hats by Penny. She has had several hats in the Kentucky Derby Museum over the last few years, as part of the museum’s Derby Hat Exhibit. And the rules state: “All hat styles are needed and creativity is encouraged“. So wouldn’t it be fun to enter one this coming spring! Hm, somehow I have to work a Quarterhorse into this hat, and dedicate it to the five years I spent at the tracks in CA, CO, MT, NM, and AZ.

And this display of Dayna Pinkham’s mens’ hats at Into the Hatter’s Domain, and Dayna’s website, Pinkham Millinery, are both pretty cool.

And Philip Treacy – well, you’ll have to see for yourself! This is sculpture, not hats!

Keep in mind that these people are all milliners, “… the profession or business of designing, making, or selling women’s hats and hat trim.” And for the most part, their hats are just gorgeous, frothy, frilly little (or in some case very broad brimmed!) numbers that decorate a woman’s head. I don’t aspire to this type of hat-making, but I do enjoy looking and oohing and aahing. And there’s quite a bit I could adapt to my baseball caps – someday!


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