Quick little project

cell phone holder

Well, I’ve been a bad little blogger this past week! Busy finishing things and bookmarking Irish sites, rather than writing. This little felt bag is one of the projects I finished up. Purchased at A Weaver’s Yarn, because I needed something quick for a silk ribbon project. It took me, oh, maybe two evenings to complete. The back of the flap is fairly clean, to reduce the chance of snagging threads on whatever is put into the little bag.

The bag is designed to hold a cell phone. I’m going to add a small pocket to hold a driver’s license, credit card, and maybe a few bucks, on the inside. A small loop with a snap to grab the keys, and it’s a nice little bag to take out on the town. This’ll probably be a future birthday or Christmas gift.

The bag is part of a line of felted items for sale at A Weaver’s Yarn. There are also a couple of larger bags, several different flowers and groups of flowers, bracelets, balls, and flat felt. I’m looking forward to purchasing some flowers, balls, and some flat felt for more projects!


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