Homework – better than you think!


Yeah, it’s not as boring as you think – I’m sharing some of my Google Reader links today!

First off, is A Creative Journal. I’ve kept a journal since I was in the fifth grade (okay, only for a few months in the fifth grade! I really started, um, in my twenties, I think). And I like to write (not that you can tell from some of my blog entries – holey cow, are some of those babies are DRY!). So reading A Creative Journal is supposed to encourage me to write more often, write more deeply, and do more self-examination. It’s not working, but I still enjoy reading Heather’s entries, which include writing prompts, links to other journaling blogs, images for journaling, and a whole slew of ideas for self-examination.

Choice #2 is Independent Fashion Label, is “An independent Irish fashion label with an eco flavour“. She takes old clothes, rips ’em apart, and makes some pretty fabulous outfits from her bits and pieces. Her clothes are far too sophisticated and lacy for me to wear, but I keep hoping that some of her design sense will rub off on me and I’ll make THE most fantastic hat someday!

Of course I’ve gotta have a crazy quilting blog in here, so I chose Wind from the East. Hideko lives in Japan, and writes in Japanese and English (I wish that I could write in two languages!). She does exquisite needlework and embellishment on her blocks.

Well, I tried to get out of putting this one on my list, but I just can’t resist adding Shai Coggins’ blog, mostly because she’s running a blog community project, 52 Weeks of Blog Community, which is about building a community of bloggers. Shai also posts the weekly Web Wednesday, where she will “highlight anything and everything about the web“. She’s cheerful and engaging, and has some pretty darned good links. Oh, and she posts the occasional recipe too!

And the dog photo? I was at the puppy park with telephoto lens and camera, and this post needed a photo. Boy, a black dog is hard to photograph on white snow! Next time I’m getting a brown dog!

2 responses to “Homework – better than you think!

  1. Glad you didn’t resist putting me in your list too much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the link love and support. Enjoyed my visit here! Looking forward to getting to know you better – and seeing more of you in our 52WoC projects. ๐Ÿ™‚

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