My first baseball cap

This is my very first crazy quilt cap! I made it in Corvallis, Oregon, when I was working at Oregon State University in the College of Forest Resources. I didn’t know how to stiffen the brim, so I used a piece of floral wire and sewed it to the underside of the brim. I’ve since added a piece of heavy duty fishing line, which goes inside the seam sewing the brims together. It’s my gardening hat… not that I garden in it! But it’s covered with insects and flowers, and a few animals. It was really fun to make.

And yes, this is a class assignment 🙂 but, oh, I canNOT wait to use this feature when I get to Ireland! If you click on the photo, you go to my Flickr site. So theoretically, you could see all of my Ireland photos (when I start posting them March 10th!!). Posting directly from Flickr-it is SO easy! Except for I am too anal about the way things look, so I’ll probably hand edit a good number of my posts… sigh.


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