Electric embroidery…

An amazing video:
I sincerely hope that this is an awesome Photoshop/Flash project. Definitely something to aspire to, no matter how it was done! “‘Like It or Not’ was painstakingly stitched by The crew at Mathematics (who made the AIH clip for ‘Debbie’), directed by Josh Logue and interpreted from a coconut concerned psychedelic love fantasy emanating from the stream of consciousness of Cameron Bird.

Architecture in Helsinki – Like It Or Not from helsinkids on Vimeo.

Found via Embroidered Prayers of Peeling a Pomegranate

Soft circuit embroidery:
I want to try this“…introductory tutorial for working with conductive thread to make a circuit on fabric. Using traditional embroidery techniques with modern electronic components, she will demo the creation of a simple soft switch circuit that will light up a sewn LED…”

LilyPad arduino:
Whatever arduinos are, you can sew them onto fabric and do electronic thingies with them. Lea Buechly works at in the Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado Boulder and “…explores the intersection of computational and physical media, focusing on computational textiles or electronic textiles (e-textiles) – soft, flexible, fabric-based computers.”


One response to “Electric embroidery…

  1. Hi Edie

    Dropping by to say hello!
    These are very interesting embroidery techniques!
    I’m going to Ireland in a week –spending more time in Dublin and the east coast this time.
    Have a good weekend!

    I am SO jealous! I can’t wait to go back to Ireland! Probably in two years. Have a great trip!

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