Currently in my sewing basket:

It’s been awhile since I’ve shown off what I’m working on; I like doing this because it helps me keep on track. I’ll come back to this post and document when I finish something, so it’s a nice record of things accomplished. So, on to the show!

The wedding present:
for my friend Pam
I started this photo frame quite awhile ago; it’s definitely a *WISP! I’d like to exhibit it at a show in July, so I am trying to work on it more diligently. The blank square in the center will eventually contain a photograph. I’m going to try to finish this off so it’s easy to change the photograph.

Irish baseball cap:
latest baseball cap
I pieced this hat just before going to Ireland; the finished sections still need beads. It’s certainly brightly colored-I won’t get lost in the crowd when I’m wearing this hat! Most of the thread and all of the buttons and other embellishments were purchased in Ireland. There is one more section-I didn’t include it in the photo because I haven’t done any embroidery on it yet.

Baby’s onesies:
hand embroidered onesies
This is the third set! The first two were for girls, this set is for a boy. I did almost all the embroidery without any stabilizer or hoop. I used water soluble stabilizer on one to try it out, and decided it was too hard to sew through, and it was too time consuming to fit the stabilizer to such a small item. I think for an adult size tee, I would probably use the stabilizer though; getting your thread tension just right is a little fussy.

Eyeglass case:
eyeglass case
I am working on some ideas for small, simple, relatively speedy projects for crazy quilting classes. This is the first small project. If you select the image and enlarge it, you can just see the basting stitches around the edge.

Poppy quilt:
small crazy quilt
Another *WISP; this one was started three or four years ago, for the first Georgeson Botanical Garden quilt show. I wrapped the quilt top and some batting around a board, pinned the crap out of it, tacked a backing on, and entered it; I think it got third place. I want to put it in another show this summer, and the makeshift back isn’t gonna work this time! This is a closeup view; not the whole quilt.

There are more pictures on Flickr of each of these projects.

*WISP = Work in slow progress


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