Project update

Irish hat Irish hat

Irish hat

Brim for the Irish hat

Brim for the Irish hat

The Irish hat is almost done! This is the hat I started when I went to Ireland in March this year. Most of the embroidery thread and embellishments were purchased in Ireland. I did use my American seed beads, as I have too many and it was really silly to purchase seed beads in Ireland. Now I have to choose the lining fabric and sew the hat together, and then I’ll be done!

Wedding wallhanging

Wedding wallhanging

And this little… wallhanging I guess, is the best description, is coming right along. About 3/4 of the seams are embroidered and embellished now, and I’ve started adding “stuff” to it. So far just bells, which tinkle nicely as I manipulate the fabric to reach a seam or turn it to facilitate the embroidery. It will eventually hold a wedding photo in the center.

Small bag

Small bag

I’m also working on a small piece that was supposed to become an eyeglass case, but after a little disturbance with a Sharpie marker, it’s going to become a small bag instead. Really, it’ll make a better bag than eyeglass case. Lesson #57: Do not use Sharpies to mark your ground fabric! And I should have known better.

More on these projects…

Just so you don’t think I’ve been plodding through the same old projects all summer… I spent Sunday afternoon playing with my three dollar, basic Versa-Tool Woodburning Kit, that I got from Value Village (secondhand store) awhile back. People drifted in and played for a bit, so it wasn’t a big crowd scene. And considering that the Versa-Tool is REALLY hot, that was probably just as well! Good plan to use it outside too, because a) burning stuff stinks, and b) I probably breathed in a ton of carcinogens anyway, but less than if I was inside. I used an old picture frame with the glass still in the frame as a, um, a light frame I guess. I taped a stencil pattern on one side (face up) and a piece of polyester organza fabric on the other, and cut out a seahorse stencil and a Chinese character stencil. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with them yet, but I just signed on to this project, so I think the two might be a match.

You can also cut shapes out of polyester fabrics; I have two huge boxes of ’70s vintage polyester scraps from a friend, so I played with those too. I also experimented with some embroidery stabilizer and Peltex. Oh, and polyester felt! I made buttons with single and double layers of felt. They’ll be cool with some embroidery.

A dog and his boy

A dog and his boy

I also fooled around with my crayons and pastel crayons, and doodled on cloth and stabilizer, and layered some organza onto stabilizer and then some more crayon… it was just play time, no goals, no final piece to show off. And watching little boy Sawyer draw on fabric (and his face), throw balls for Gizmo, eat too much cake and too many pretzels, and enjoy summer’s last gasp.


One response to “Project update

  1. nice to have you what -iffing!

    I’m excited to be part of the group! Or I will be, as soon as I get the cabin painted. I did NOT realize that painting the inside of your house is not “just” painting…

    I have several what-ifs to explore –

    what if I use just red? what can I do to red fabric to change the color? w/out dyeing/painting/etc… how can I use embroidery thread/what stitches, organza, or ?? to change the color?

    what if I manipulate the fabric to include texture? how can I use embroidery thread/stitches to add texture?

    what if I use sewing machine thread instead of embroidery thread? how many threads (plies?) will I need? can I mix colors? can I add in a rayon or metallic thread for some sparkle?

    what if I stop painting for a bit and play?? oh, the kitchen is still torn apart, I can’t cook, I can’t find anything, most of the sewing stuff is in the shed… sigh. I’ll finish up the kitchen and *then* I can take a break,

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