They’re so sweet, wear ’em on your feet!

Aren’t these cute baby booties?? One is plain, to get the feel of making. The other is embellished, to see how the colors go together, get a feel for design placement, what can I do with this? Originally I was looking for a slipper to make for myself, but three babies this summer subverted the plan, at least temporarily. Cheap polyester felt on the outside, organic cotton flannel on the inside. An elastic cord and satin ribbon tied together to help keep them on. Soft and cozy. Almost makes me want one of the little munchkins just so I can make more slippers! Thank goodness for friends with babies…

Some free-for-personal-use patterns:

Star Dust Shoes cloth shoe pattern (this is the one I used); be sure to check out the cloth shoes Flickr group!

ohelene syr’s leather shoes (very similar to pattern I used)

Poo Pocket three seam footies (0-3 month & 3-6 month sizes)

Heather Bailey’s Bitty Booties

Tacky Baby Shoes (similar to the pattern I used; has lots of information on baby booties)

Martha Stewart felt booties


One response to “They’re so sweet, wear ’em on your feet!

  1. These are so cute and sweet! I wish I can have a baby girl to put these on her!

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