Chilly Alaska

Well, my thermometer says 20° below zero (Fahrenheit; that’s about -29° Celsius), but the radio insists that it’s -33° F (about -36° C). As you can see from the photo on the left, Gizmo doesn’t care! He is all about his Frisbee. So we played outside for about a half hour, garbed in dog booties (Giz), Carhartts head to toe, Sorels, and polar fleece (me). And that’s what happens to a Frisbee when it’s cold; he doesn’t tear it up on purpose, it just breaks.

I wanted to work on organizing the storage shed with all my sewing gear, but it’s just too cold to handle boxes. The cold goes right through two layers of polar fleece mittens and my fingers hurt too bad. So I measured for shelves, and stared at what could be. Soon…

Update 12/31/2008: And today the news is: Colder!! It’s supposed to get down to – 60° F. Good thing I could put some fuel in the oil tank last month. I was just putting in five gallons at a time, til lower prices collided with some extra money and I could afford to put 100 gallons in the tank.

And since I live up in the hills around Fairbanks, I have been enjoying warmer temps than at the airport, but the article I read said that colder temps will “…the growing cold will begin spreading into higher-elevation areas in the borough later this week.” So my warmer-than-town weather is over, dang. It’s about -30° F, or it was around 4:30 p.m., and Giz was happy to get out, but me? Hey, I was running down the road dragging the dog, trying to hurry him up!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen these kind of temperatures; I think the last time was 1990, when we had 3 or 4 weeks of -40 temps. And the last time I’ve seen -60° was the year before that. I’m guessing that’s why it feels so cold to me; other than not liking to drive in those low temps (it’s really hard on cars), it’s never really bothered me before. You just dress up and go. Oh, well, just dress up and go!


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