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Journal cover and a small what if

Chinese butterfly

Chinese butterfly, journal cover

Now that I’m back home again… ran out of oil, heater wouldn’t restart, so I stayed at a friend’s for three days. Finally got the Monitor oil stove going again-yay!!-after working on it for 4 hours in a 40° below cabin. I couldn’t sew at my friend’s house due to poor lighting, otherwise this would be finished. But hey! I was warm, the dog was warm; that’s what counted!

Symbol of hope, freedom, renewal, for a new journal, which happens to coincide with a new year. Lovingly attached with metallic threads to the black felt, backstitching along the inside edge of the wings and body, and inside the blue thread on the tail. A small what-if I don’t attach the tail edges? Let them fly with my hopes and dreams for future. Let them fly with happiness and a tiny bit of freedom.

The design is from Oriental Designs CD-Rom and Book, a Dover book. I used metallic threads to attach the butterfly to the black felt, backstitching along the inside edge of the wings and body. I did the same thing on the tail, but instead of backstitching along the buttonhole stitch edge, I did the backstitching along the inside of the blue chain stitch, and then did a herringbone stitch over the orange.

I’ll add a line of yellow beads on the yellow wing edge, and then it’ll be done and I can attach it to the cover of my next journal. If it’ll look nice, I’ll do it in such a way that, when I’ve finished the journal, I can remove the butterfly and use it in another project. I keep my journals of course, but I don’t want to hide away my covers!