The iPad

Well,I am going to try to get back to blogging. I think a few people have missed me? Maybe?
I bought an iPad a couple of months ago, and am shocked at how much fun I’m having with it, and how useful it is. Lists of all kinds, games, books, photos, iPod… and I have barely scratched the surface. I brought it on a trip to the Aleutians, and marked some of my photo locations. Driving through Anchorage was a breeze, thanks to the map (and my AT&T G3 account).
I need to put some photo albums on it (I got “in trouble” for not having any Ireland photos to show off!), and get the back-and-forth to/from Flickr thing figured out. And as you can see, I am blogging from the iPad finally, which was one of the reasons I bought the darned thing.
And reading books… it’s wonderful! I don’t have to try and keep the book flat while I eat dinner; dripping onto a library book is a thing of the past. I can even get it to read out loud to me, I think!
I stopped at the bookstore last night, to check out a couple of books I was interested in getting. Flipped through a bunch of cool books… and realized I do not want any more hardcopy books. Shocking! Partly because my bedroom floor is one giant pile of books and magazines, but partly because it is so much more awesome to have them on the iPad!
So, I am in the process of scanning the very first crazy quilt book I bought, Dorothy Bond’s Crazy Quilt Stitches. I’m planning to scan several books so I can have them with me when I’m teaching, just hanging out, or working away from home. No more trying to stuff books into my needlework bag or my purse or dragging a heavy bag of books!
I would love to find out more about the process, and the pitfalls, of turning out-of-print, hard-to-find, books into electronic documents. I haven’t seen any electronic embroidery books yet, nor any crafty books for that matter, and I would love to have some on my iPad.
And apps! ooh, me loves them apps! Judith Baker Montano has one for embroidery stitches out, but I am not impressed. It looks very thrown together and I don’t find it very useful. Maybe because it’s very basic stitches, and none are new to me. So I’ll be investigating apps too.
So if you’re thinking of getting an iPad, I highly recommend it!



2 responses to “The iPad

  1. Would there be a chance to buy a copy of your CD when you finish with it??

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