Tanana Valley State Fair, 2010

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iPad case – made from an old daybook. I removed the insides and covered it with some fabric I’d previously used as curtains. The velcro strap keeps it closed, and there are two small pockets inside to keep the iPad from sliding out.

Trio of black quilts – each tiny quilt is made from silk samples purchased many years ago; I got a whole bag for $8.00. Little experiments in embroidery and beading.

Hearts to Sleep By – made from scraps left over from a big quilt. I wanted to play around with embellishing by machine.

Irish hat – I did all the embroidery while I traveled through Ireland in March 2008. All the buttons and embellishments were purchased on my trip, although the seed beads came from my stash at home.

Green flowered hat – I found this really fun flower fabric and couldn’t resist cutting out individual flowers. They are edged with a very tight buttonhole stitch, completely done by hand. I found both the ribbon that makes the flower stems and leaves, and the lining fabric, at Value Village. Serendipity!


One response to “Tanana Valley State Fair, 2010

  1. Wow — I would love to have someone make your overalls dress for me!!!
    Any chance you’d be willing to do this?


    If there were more hours in the day… 🙂 But it’s super easy to make! I removed the legs and added three strips of fabric for the skirt. The first tier is 1.5 times the diameter of the waistband, and each successive tier would be longer. Length would depend on how full you want the skirt.
    So it’s basically 3 strips of fabric attached to the overall bibs, and each succeeding layer increases in length. Simple!
    Hope you get one made; I’d love to see the results!

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