DIY Postcard Swap

My first postcard swap! I joined iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap 2011 this year, and I am finally getting around to posting about it.

I sent my postcards at the last minute of course, even though they were finished, labeled and ready to mail by April 2. One of these days I will be better about getting things done early…

Anyway-my postcards are pretty simple. I collected and pressed flowers from several trips up the Haul Road (Dalton and Elliott Highways, near Fairbanks, Alaska) in 2008. The pressed flowers are laid on the Peltex, with organza over the top. Iron carefully; if the iron is too hot, it will “cook” the flowers. White cotton sheeting is ironed onto the back, and then I machine stitch around the edge of the postcard to prevent excessive raveling.

I love going up the Haul Road; there is so much to see, and tons of places to stop and hike and take photos. And collect flowers of course! I haven’t been up there for a couple of years, so I am ready for a road trip. I think this will be the year I do the Tolovana trail…

Here are the postcards I’ve received:

from Karyn in Walla Walla, Washington:

20110412-084423.jpg   20110412-084529.jpg

from Patricia in Cleveland, Texas (with a polar bear stamp on the front-too perfect!):


from Robin in Altadena, California:

and inside was this:
20110412-084827.jpg   20110412-084853.jpg
and the address side of the postcard:


from Sam in Hampton, New Hampshire (she put an awesome Carmen Miranda stamp on the front!):

from Tina in Silver Spring, Maryland, with a good suggestion-“Find your sense of wonder”:

from Maudy in Voorschoten, the Netherlands’ with another great suggestion-“It’s all about the journey!”:


from Kimber in Albany, Oregon, with wonderful colors!:


And these are the postcards I sent:

Sent to Debbie Igram in Orange, California

Sent to Pia Wellmann in Berlin, Germany

Sent to Lynn Garbett in Chasetown, Staffordshire, England

Sent to Julie Kosolofski in Tamshui, Taipei County, Taiwant

Sent to Margaret Walters in Castlereagh, New South Wales, Australia
Sent to David Frank in Waite Park, Minnesota

Sent to Meaghan Vallee in Chateauguay, PC Canada
Sent to Monika Knapp in Diofa, Hungary

Sent to Tequitia Andrews in Petersburg, Virginia
Sent to Yvonne Andersson in Sodertalje, Sweden


3 responses to “DIY Postcard Swap

  1. Just got your postcard. How special! wildflowers from Alaska! Love it!

    Wonderful! Glad you like it! It has been so much fun to get all these exotic postcards!

  2. Hi Edie, I received your postcard yesterday, thank you so much, it is just beautiful, and fun to read how you made it.
    Thanks again!

    That’s great Pia! You are so welcome; I’m glad you like it! I love sharing a little bit of Alaska.

  3. I received your unique postcard, thank you! What a wonderful natural look. Thanks for the tips on how to make my own. Smiles!

    I’m so glad you like it! I love collecting flowers and pressing them, and this is a nice way to share them. I hope I see some flower postcards from you next year 🙂

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