New mittens & a hat

Regrettably, I am one of those people that lose or destroy mittens and hats on a regular basis. I always need another set, no matter how many I already have. I lose a mitten, rip a hat, throw frisbees for the dog and a mitten is wet & yucky, put gas in the car and get fuel on one mitten; one way or another, I need multiple mittens and hats.

New mittens

New mittens

I had all these scraps of bright-colored, slinky fabric that were too small to do much with but they were so fun I couldn’t resist picking them up at the transfer station. So I decided to try a bit of a “what if”. I used the polar fleece as the ground fabric, laying the first piece face up. The next fabric is laid face down on top of the first, with a very quick sloppy straight stitch to attach the two fabrics onto the polar fleece. Flip the second piece over, then lay a third on top of it, face down, and do another quick sloppy straight stitch. Continue until the mitten top is covered with fashion fabrics. Then I embroidered with easy stitches and colorful threads. No beads or other findings; these mittens will probably not have a long life.

I wanted to see how a “flip and sew” method would work for crazy quilting. The main problem was that the soft slippery fashion fabrics I used were difficult to keep flat. I didn’t really care about the addition of a little texture, and mostly I could embroider any bubbles away. Lots and lots of pinning helped too.

Anyway, they’re bright, colorful, and warm! They’re entirely handsewn; I will probably never make another pair of mittens with the sewing machine. It was quick and easy to make them by hand, and no more frustrating twisting & turning with the machine.

And pretty soon, I’ll be having a hat to match!


2 responses to “New mittens & a hat

  1. is your website compatible with iphone.because when i tried to read your blog from my iphone the sidebar got messed up.

  2. it looks fine on my iPad; maybe you need a different blog reader? or an iPad??

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