New venture, maybe

embroidered barrettes and pony tail holders

Images of each individual barrette/pony tail holder on Flickr.

I’ve been embroidering hair decorations. No idea what else to call these things; they’re for holding long hair back. Barrettes and those things with a chopstick; pony tail holders? I can get printed felt… hair decorations… from Beads and Things (downtown Fairbanks, on Two Street; no website or blog unfortunately). They’re intended for beading (the beautiful Alaska Native style of beading), but I love the designs, so I’ve been using embroidery thread that I tie-dyed last summer and then attaching a barrette to them, or sometimes embroidering the holes for the chopstick. Since my hair isn’t long enough for any kind of barrette or pony tail, I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop and selling them there. So far they’ve made great gifts. They’ve been great fun to play with and quick to work up. I’m about ready to start using designs from a book of Alaska Native beading designs, and eventually I’ll branch out with designs of my own.


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