Day One in Bethel-Arrival

I thought I’d lost this post! so sorry for the out-of-sequential writing…
Anyway, I wrote this on my first Sunday, April 28, 2013
The flights to Bethel were uneventful; no mad dash to the airport or bobbles when leaving Fairbanks. I picked Harpo up in Anchorage because we had a 3 hour layover and I figured I might as well get her out to pee and poop. Which she took care of speedily. She couldn’t get on the plane until two hours before the flight, so she got a nice long walk around the airport that really helped settle her down.
Getting Harpo back on the plane was a little more difficult than in Fairbanks tho. Her kennel was missing one of the metal pieces that keep the kennel door closed, so that caused some concern with the airline folks. Apparently they’ve had some dogs get loose on the tarmac, and well, you can imagine the owners’ concerns! Finally they decided a ziptie would work, and Harpo was back on the plane.
We had a lovely sunny trip the whole way, so I got to see lots of snowy hills and mountains on the way to Bethel. Lots of little lakes/ponds and creeks/rivers too; most still very iced up, but I did see one river with an open channel in the ice-or it seemed like it was open. I suppose it could have been a snow machine trail or something.
It was windy and cool when Ann Willert met me at the airport. We hastily loaded all my gear-a carry-on bag, cooler of frozen food, an action packer full of leftover stuff I forgot to ship on Friday, and Harpo and her kennel. We unloaded everything even more quickly and I got an eyeful of the house crowded with boxes.
I spent a good share of the afternoon opening and distributing boxes to the appropriate location, until I could sort of walk through the house. It was time to take Harpo for a walk! We spent a good hour and a half walking through Bethel. The university is just a few minute’s walk from the house, and the grocery store is about a ten minute walk. Drivers don’t seem to worry about walkers; they don’t slow down or go ‘way around, but then, they’re not going all that fast anyway.
We met several people on our walk; everyone is very friendly here! We even got a bag of Skittles from a Friends of Canines (I think that’s the name of the group) volunteer who was happy to see Harpo on a leash. There IS a leash law in Bethel, so dogs must be confined in their yard or on a leash, which I’m happy to learn. We didn’t meet up with any loose dogs, tho I did see a couple. Managed to steer Harpo away from them before getting involved.
By the time we got home we were both ready for dinner and bed. Harpo curled up on the couch after checking out both bedrooms, while I fixed some macaroni and cheese. We were in bed and sound asleep by 8 p.m.!


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