Walking in Bethel

Pinky’s Park – select photo to see more of Pinky’s Park

Harpo and I go on a long walk almost every day. I’m convinced that she needs tons of exercise and Harpo is happy to perpetuate the myth. I have a feeling that in another year I am going to be pretty bored with walking in Bethel, but for now we’re really enjoying it.

We go to Pinky’s Park, just around the corner from the house, two or three times a week. It’s the first place I’ve found where I can turn Harpo loose. I brought the camera up with me one day and took some photos of the park and the boardwalks. Next time we went to Pinky’s I wore my breakup boots and we hiked out on the tundra.

We won’t be able to go out there too much longer without Harpo being on a leash. The birds are starting to come for the summer and it’ll be nesting time. Well, if it ever warms up! Harpo loves chasing birds and while she can’t catch them, she could really disturb nesting birds. I found out that there’s a walk-short but nice-along the river, and I can turn Harpo loose there.

The river pathway – select photo to see more of our walk along the river

There’s quite a bit of driftwood along the path, and amazingly enough, I did NOT pick any up on our first walk! Harpo however, ate a large quantity of ptarmigan feathers. At first I tried to stop her, but I finally gave up. I didn’t think it would really hurt her, and it was too much of a battle to keep her away from the feathers. They’re everywhere in Bethel; lots of ptarmigan come through town and of course they’re great eating (the ptarmigan, not the feathers!). However, she was pretty quiet when we got home, so I’m wondering if she didn’t feel so great after eating all that fluff…

Or was she just tired? She found a friend to play with, and they romped up and down the path along the river in town for about an hour. He was a really cute little blond dog, maybe 10 pounds heavier than Harpo. Sweet and shy, a real cute little guy. I was glad he didn’t follow us when we took off to go home.

On Friday I went to a “Second Friday” event. The art association sponsored an art show at a local bed ‘n breakfast, and of course I had to go. Marie is a Native artist; she works in watercolors, pencil, pen and ink, and does some woodcarving as well. I bought one small watercolor; I really liked the dreamy, double-meaning woman’s face. I’ll add a photo of it tomorrow; I forgot to bring it home with me tonight.

Saturday I went to a SmartBoard workshop at the Yupik immersion school. A SmartBoard is basically a huge mousepad… hey, that’s what the instructor said! Lot more than a mouse pad though. It’s more like a whiteboard combined with PowerPoint but way better. I’ve started playing with one at KuC, but I keep doing something by accident and then don’t know how I did that. I’m going to work on some presentations of my own so I can get good at using the SmartBoard.

The Yupik immersion school was really neat. The two other women in my workshop were primary school teachers and we used one of their classrooms. Yupik words everywhere. Not that I learned any Yupik! But I figure everytime I hear some Yupik it’ll make it easier to eventually learn some.

Saturday evening I went out to dinner. I unknowingly picked Prom Night, so the restaurant was full of very dressed up high school boys and girls. Very sophisticated young people! I’m sure the kids in Fairbanks dress up just as nicely, but I’ve never gone to dinner with any. A friend in Fairbanks gave me a “gift certificate” to Dimitri’s, a long-time establishment in Bethel. They didn’t really do gift certificates, so she gave me a check made out to the restaurant. Thanks Tako! I had a nice seafood dinner, as nice as anything in Fairbanks, and not much more expensive.

I’m pretty much done with unpacking and sorting out all my sewing stuff. I even worked on a project this weekend and nearly finished it. I’ll show it off as soon as I get the last little bit done. I’m a little worried that I still haven’t found my scissors (3 pairs, including a set of pinking shears that belonged to my mother), rulers, tape, etc. I’m hoping they’re mixed in with a box of fabric and they just haven’t been unearthed yet. Or else they’re still at the cabin in Fairbanks… maybe I’d better go root around in those fabric boxes…

Hah! just found my scissors, etc. Sitting right in front of me on the table!


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