Butterfly, don’t fly away

I finished the butterfly! This was my Polish project; I had it all ready to go when I got on the plane to go to Poland in April. It’s worked on a piece of satin fabric backed with a lightweight, loosely woven cotton. I wanted to see whether the satin would ravel if I did the edge in a chain stitch/tight buttonhole stitch and cut it out.

I am very pleased that it worked just fine. I was a little hesitant because I worked quite a bit of embroidery on the wings before I did the chain stitch/buttonhole edge and I would have been pretty bummed if the satin had raveled too much to hold the edge stitching. I wouldn’t want to work anything much smaller than the butterfly (it’s about 6 inches across), and you definitely need to make that edge very tight. There’s one area where I didn’t get the stitching real snug and it’s kinda bobbly there.

Once the butterfly was finished, I layered two pieces of turquoise tulle over a lightweight white fabric with a shiny finish. It’s a polyester of some sort… I know it’s a synthetic fabric, but not exactly what. It was a scrap I had. The butterfly is held down with seed beeds. The antennae are beads strung onto a thin piece of wire (from a tag the shipping company put on my table; I’m sure beading wire would work just as well) and are only attached at the butterfly’s head. I’m going to put the butterfly into an embroidery hoop for a wall hanging.

I’m very pleased with it, and look forward to making another one. I was going to use the butterfly as a thank you gift, but decided to “do lunch” for that instead. The backing is on now, and she’s hanging in the living room.


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