New wristlets

I just finished these today! My desk at work has a thin metal edging that is really cold, plus my mouse pad has a nasty sharp edge. With these wristlets my tender arms are protected.

I used my favorite Cooperative Extension Service mitten pattern, cut down to expose the fingers. The polar fleece is scraps that needed to be used up; I love the cheerful bright yellow-not a color I normally wear, but as a small accessory, it’s fun. Inside the mittens on the bottom that slides along the desk, is another layer of bright blue polar fleece. The fabric flowers are motifs from a flowered fabric by Blank Quilting; apparently it’s discontinued because I couldn’t find it.

The flowers are edged with my typical chain-stitch-and-tight-buttonhole stitches and then attached to the mittens with beads. Simple, quick, and I think they’re attractive!


2 responses to “New wristlets

  1. what a neat idea Edie.

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