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Becky has arrived!

Becky arrived in Bethel on Saturday, August 17. She is a joy to have around! She's quiet and calm but has plenty of spunk for walking and playing. She has a solemn little judge face when she is sitting still and waiting for a walk outside or for a portrait.

I got a tennis ball out for her and she loves it! She'll chase it and find it and then grip it with her teeth and not let go. But finally she'll relax and let me throw it. She also loves her rawhide and we play fetch with that too. Her rubber chicken is fading in popularity; before coming to Bethel that was her favorite toy, but now I think she loves first her rawhide, then her tennis ball.

We walk in the evenings after work; she's an enthusiastic walker! She makes me walk fast! No lingering over smells for her or exploring every little bit of detritus. She's on a mission to meet and greet the population of Bethel.

Look at her little teeth! Isn't that the cutest little smile? She's right off the airplane at the ERA terminal in this photo. You can tell I'm glad to be holding that little bundle of joy!

I am just in love with this puppy; she's perfect! I was worried that it was too soon to be getting a new puppy, that I'd compare her to Harpo and she wouldn't measure up-but all my worries were groundless. I adore this little girl! She is a sweet companion, snuggling up on the couch when I read/sew/work on the iPad and at bedtime. She leaps into her kennel when it's time for me to go to work (though I still wish I could bring her!). She loves to play but happily gives it up when I get busy and can't toss the ball or her chicken.

Becks is adamant about her bedtime. The other night I was working on my history class homework (just finished up my Alaska Native History course that I took over the summer) and she sat there staring at me. It finally clicked that Becky must need to go out, so we went and pottied. She came back in, jumped up on the couch and settled herself next to me and fell sound asleep. I looked at the clock and sure enough, it was just a few minutes past 9 p.m. Linda, the woman I got Becky from, said she would do that, and I didn't really believe her. But she repeated that performance again last night-played hard until a few minutes before 9, we went out and pottied, and after coming back in, she jumped up on the couch again and crashed while I sewed.

I don't think she likes my sewing <lol>. She tries to chew on my project or the thread when I pick up my embroidery! She's very gentle about it-never leaves any spit or teeth marks-but it takes a bit to discourage her, until she'll finally let me sew. She doesn't play tug-o-war or chew hard or grab the piece, just gently mouths it.

I feel really lucky to have gotten this Boston. Linda is a breeder in Palmer, AK, and because Becky had gotten too big to show successfully in Alaska, she needed to re-home her. I found this out through my friend Roxanne, who owns Holy Dog Pet Boarding in Fairbanks, where I used to take Harpo for daycare. Linda was a bit concerned about the way Harpo passed on, but once she spoke to me, felt that with me was where Becky belonged. Becky has been through all the Boston health checks (and I need to get the list from Linda); she's had her Rabies shot; is spayed (I had her spayed before she came to Bethel); has a microchip; and she's had basic obedience training. And she's only 7 months old! So I feel like I got the steal of the century. Linda could have sold this puppy, but she gave her to me. Gave. Her. To. Me. Can you imagine?? Now you know why I am the luckiest woman in Alaska!


Fantastic week!!

playing strip poker

playing strip poker at the quilt retreat

Two weeks ago, I went to a weekend quilt retreat just around the corner from my little red house in Bethel. I had a great time sewing, playing games, taking photos, and shooting people with a water gun. We played strip poker, which is NOT what you think! Strips of fabric, you goof! And it’s super fun and easy. We had 3 die, labeled L, R, C, and with a dot. You start with three strips, and roll 3 die. Rolling dots means you get to keep your strips, an L or an R mean you have to hand a strip left or right, and C means the strip goes in the center and is out of play. The die move around the table to the sound of groans and gleeful laughter as people lose or gain strips of fabric until only one person is left with a pile of strips. The first time I just watched, convinced I didn’t need any more fabric and it would be just as fun to watch. Wrong! It’s way more fun to play! Whether I needed the fabric or not-and I won the second game!
Alison (in the yellow and orange blouse) and Barb (not in the photo) organized the weekend, with lots of good food, some squirt guns, fabric and tool drawings, and lots of time to sew on your own project. I’ll take pictures of what I worked on tomorrow; sorry, I keep forgetting to do that!
The main thing is, the weekend made me realize how depressed I’d been, and it knocked me out of my depression. Or the depression out of me… something anyway! I got my mojo back and started enjoying life again! Last weekend I was supposed to go to a recycled clothing class, but it didn’t go, so I spent the weekend getting some projects finished up. Now I have a new hat for the Palmer fair, two very late birthday presents packed up and shipped out, and started two challenge projects!

Becky is moving to Bethel! Click on the picture to see more photos of Becky.

It also made me realize that it was time for a new puppy. I still really miss Harpo. I miss her company and coming home at lunch time to let her out and snuggling with her when I can’t sleep.

So I put the word out, and Becky is moving to Bethel as soon as she is spayed! Becky is six months old, and almost as big as Harpo was. She’s a little stockier than Harpo, and a little shorter, so I think Harpo’s snowsuits will fit her. Becky is a show dog, but she grew too much to show well in Alaska, so her owner wanted to find a new home for her. And I am the lucky duck to get her!

My friend Roxanne, from Holy Dog Pet Boarding, where I used to take Harpo for daycare in Fairbanks, put me in touch with Becky’s owner, Linda Cooper-Cunningham. After a longish, fun conversation with Linda last night, we ended with her agreeing to ship Becky to me in Bethel. Linda is taking her to the vet in Palmer, to get her spayed, and a rabies shot and health certificate. Becky has been crated at night, so she’s used to it, she’s also had some obedience training, and she’s housebroken. So some angel is looking out for me and realizes that I am a terrible dog trainer! Not that Harpo was a bad girl, but she could have used a couple of sessions with Miss Manners. I tend to spoil my dogs rotten…

As if that wasn’t enough… I bought two shelving units from the University surplus sale a couple weeks ago, and Ron, our maintenance man, had time to deliver them today. Both units needed to be trimmed to get into the house, so Ron trimmed the tops and reinserted the top shelves so I could get them into the house. Then he brings me to his house and fills a cooler full of silver salmon for me! I spent the evening cutting up and wrapping fish for the freezer, and enjoyed a fresh salmon steak for dinner.

So can ya beat that for the week from heaven!? Got my mojo back, I’ve had a great time, gotten stuff done, I have a pile of salmon, new shelves, AND a new dog! Can life get any better??!