Bethel Community Fair

Well, I didn’t get anything into the Palmer fair (Alaska State Fair), but I did manage to enter five things in the Bethel Community Fair, and six photos. First time for photos! I was pleased with my entries, but only my embroidery got a ribbon. In some ways a small fair is tougher than a big one. There are fewer entries to judge, but the judges have less experience and it’s a lot of work for them.

embroidered butterfly

Here’s the butterfly that won the class award. Select the image to see more fair photos.

The other thing that makes it hard to judge is that every entry is really good! I was not surprised at that; people just aren’t going to show their stuff off if it’s not really good, when everyone will know it was you that entered that dorky shirt, even if it was your first sewing project and you should be really proud of yourself! So only the very best stuff gets to the fair. I thought all the photos were very good quality; I was glad I didn’t have to judge them!

I did judge the fruits and vegetables. And that was hard! Everyone did a nice job of preparing their vegetables (and one fruit-a tomato) for the fair. The only problem I had with some of the vegies, was that all the outer leaves were left on. I thought they should be displayed as “ready to eat”, and trimmed. I also would have liked a little more information than “onion” as far as what kind of vegetable it was. And you can bet I am going to find out more about judging vegetables before next year! It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to next year.

Bethel Community Fair

The fruit and vegetables I judged

I will also write more about my own entries. Like what pattern I used (or didn’t use), what was my inspiration, that kind of thing. I also hope I’m a more active participant in helping run the fair next year. I felt so crappy and tired from a cold and didn’t have the energy to do much. Friday night was the talent show-me, I was asleep! Saturday afternoon, berry picking contest-me, I was napping! Saturday evening there was a great concert-me, I was asleep! I was sure glad to have Becky keep me company; she’s a great napper/sleeper!

So to next year! Bigger and Better and More Energy!


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