Newest hat!

This hat was supposed to go to the Hoffman Challenge in July. But, of course, I didn't get it finished in time. Ah well, next year! It was still fun to make and while I want to make some adjustments to the next version of this pattern, I do like it. I'm planning on using it for the challenge next year! I don't expect to win-a hat just isn't elaborate enough-but want to do it for the experience.

I tried a new pattern for this hat, Bow Bonnet from Timber Lane Press. I don't think the pattern is available any more; however, I did find one available on Etsy (September 2013). The directions are a little funky, so this is not a pattern I would recommend for beginners.

The band around the hat makes it super easy to have a nice clean finish and I will be incorporating this into all my hats. Not sure just how I will do that yet, so there'll be some experimenting in my future. The other thing I like about the band, is that it keeps the brim from flipping up in the wind. I use heavy fishing line in a casing at the edge of the brim, and in the wind, my brims flip up and a) look stupid, and b) you lose the sun shade.

I also want to adjust the bow; the bow tie isn't long enough for my taste. I've had a hard adjusting the bow tie to get the hat as snug as I would like, so I want to make the ties longer with the elastic set deeper inside the band. A minor adjustment though, so I can get that fixed easily. I might use a plain piece of elastic instead of the bow; it would be easy to set that into the band. But I sorta like the bow-makes the hat “girlie”.

So you'll be seeing more of this pattern in the near (I hope!) future!




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