Off to France!

The girls-Becky and Babe, my Boston Terriers, will be in Roxanne’s safe hands while I’m gone. The suitcase is packed, there’s clean sheets on the bed, and the bathroom is spotless. All I have to do is sleep tonight and get on the plane tomorrow!

This trip is a total whim. This summer I managed to snag two free plane tickets by getting bumped (twice!) on a flight to Los Angeles, and I was casting around for a destination when my friend Mary said “Hey, you wanna go to France?”. And sure, why not? I criss-crossed France a couple times way back in ’78, and I’ve been through Paris, but haven’t stopped long enough to eat a croissant and walk to the top of the Eiffel Tower. So what the heck! Here I go!

I’ll stop overnight in Seattle and Staten Island, before hopping on a flight to London, switch planes and finally land in Paris on Monday. I’m anticipating cool, but not cold, weather. As of this writing, Paris is clear and 55 degrees. Much warmer than 10 degree Bethel, Alaska! There’ll be some museums, one or two embroidery/fabric stores, and a whole lotta walking going on in Paris, Bayeux, St. Malo, and Avignon.

I’ll be posting here and on my Flickr site ( hopefully daily, but at least 3 or so times a week. 

Joyeux Noel!! 


3 responses to “Off to France!

  1. Sounds so wonderful! Enjoy your trip and I’m looking forward to escaping in my mind through your photos!

  2. Joyeaux Noel !

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