December 26, A wandering

I walked today. 13 miles according to my mileage tracker. I just hope it helps me sleep through Mary’s coughing. She says she took cough medicine… 

Here’s the link to today’s photos:

This is what I wanted to do in Paris. Walk. Window shop, eat a little here, drink a little there. Walk some more. I didn’t do anything spectacular, except visit the Picasso Museum, which was wonderful. Too crowded of course, so I didn’t last long, but I did enjoy seeing some of Picasso’s work. I particulary enjoyed the Femme Neu Allongee (sorry, I can’t find a translation of the name). I didn’t realize he did some collage and this piece is brown paper, wall paper (?), and paint. My image of it is horrible; I didn’t want to use a flash so it’s blurry and out of focus as well. You don’t really get the 3-D aspect of it either. 

Femme Neu Allongee

Femme Neu Allongee

I saw the back side of Notre Dame, which is just as beautiful as the front, especially because there is a little park you get to walk through to see the back of the cathedral. Very quiet, at least at 10 a.m.-ish it was quiet. 

Most of my day was spent in Le Marais, the Jewish quarter. Not very Jewish any more; it seemed like mostly it was upscale stores. Rue des Rosiers did have a Jewish deli (open) and a Jewish bookstore (closed). I also found a bagel store and bought two. Ate the cheese bagel-very good, but I’m not sure it was boiled. Not chewy enough. 

There was a beautiful little park, Jardin des Rosiers-Joseph Migneret. Grapevines in a couple of different trellises, a small vegetable garden, and a childrens’ play area. It’s a memorial to the Jewish children of the area who were deported to Auschwitz and never returned home. 


I also stumbled on this totally cool artist run sale room… Don’t really know what to call it. I didn’t take pictures because I thought that was tacky. I think there were about 30 or so artists displaying their work in this big open room. Most of the work was some form of collage/recycling. All too big and bulky to bring home… Loved the metal alligator at the front of the exhibit, the mechanical dolls (about 4 inches high, dancing in a wooden box). Too much that I don’t remember, but it was wonderful to see such inventive pieces! The show is called Metamorphose 2015, and I have a program that lists the artists’ contact information.


Metamorphose 2015

This piece was outside the exhibition; it changed from a giraffe to an elephant.

I met Mary at the Bastille, which is kind of at one end of Le Marais. We walked up and down the Rue de Rosiers, which was plenty for her. She took the bus home & I walked back to the hotel. Nice walk home, once I got my route figured out. As usual I started out going the wrong way. 


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