Last day at Bayeux, December 30, 2015

It’s long past time to get back to my journal. My last day at Bayeux was an exciting morning of: laundry! And recharging my cell phone! Errands… Always with the errands. Doing laundry was actually fun, because it was an exercise in learning how to use a French self-serve laundromat. No attendant, just machines. And wow, this is a way better way to do laundry! There is only one place to put your money, and you need to have your clothes in the washer with the soap ready before putting your money in. Same goes for the dryer. So I started an empty washer and an empty dryer before I figured that out. They’re all numbered, so you put your stuff in, pay the money and choose your washer or dryer. Even the soap is paid for at the one “money spot”. Much better for the owner since all the money goes somewhere behind the wall-makes it really hard to jimmy the coin thing open!
Today’s photos:

Getting the cell phone charged wasn’t a big deal, except that it was just 12:00 noon and chances were the store wouldn’t be open during the lunch hour (& a half, or two hours). No big deal except we were leaving at 2:30 and I wouldn’t have time to charge the phone and get to the train station if they were closed til 1:30 or 2. But, I lucked out and got 117 minutes. Which later turned out to be a mistake. Oops. 

A short train ride to Rennes, and then a longer one to St. Malo. It was dark by the time we got to St. Malo, but I walked anyway, through the ‘burbs. I was not convinced I was going in the right direction til I got to the sea wall and saw the ocean. I walked down the street, past the hotel… Turned around and found it, and discovered that Mary had arrived only ten minutes before me. Dumped gear and ate, and had to run across the sand before heading upstairs to bed. 

Here’s a couple videos of the train ride: and


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