Last day in France

First, here’s a couple videos from yesterday’s train ride:

This one has some agricultural stuff:

And one more:

NOW: My last morning in Paris… I spent quite a bit of time debating whether to go to an embroidery story via taxi or just walk to the art store I saw last night. Finally decided to walk through the Luxemborg gardens and go to the art store, when I discovered that the embroidery store didn’t carry DMC thread. A slender reason, but I was also conscious of the need to get on the airplane to head home. 

Here’s the day’s photos:

So I bought some cool pens and a coloring book to keep me occupied on the way home. I had a couple items that wouldn’t make it through security if I carried my rolly bag with me, so opted to check it. I’d reserved a shuttle for the ride to the airport, which was uneventful. Getting to the gate was a little stressful though.

Orly, the airport I left from, was pretty confusing. Lots of stores and the airline desk wasn’t immediately apparent. I finally had to find the information desk and get directions. Even with those, I still wandered around for awhile before finally spotting British Airways. Once checked in, I went through security quickly and discovered I had way too much time to spend waiting to get on the plane. And I should have eaten lunch before going through security. Whatever! Lol!


What a wonderful trip! I thoroughly enjoyed France. The people I spoke with were friendly and helpful, and it didn’t seem to matter that I couldn’t speak much French. I think my accent for the words I did know improved, and if I were to learn French, I would want to do that in France to get the accent right. We had amazingly good weather; I was expecting rain and possibly a bit of snow, but it was very warm for the most part. I did wear my jacket most of the time-it was winter after all-but rarely my sweater and jacket. Never did wear a hat and/or scarf, and only once wore my gloves.

It was fascinating to walk just about anywhere and come across beautiful buildings that were obviously important in some way. I didn’t always figure out what that was, but loved seeing them. I did have a translation app on my iPad, but totally forgot about it. One of my favorite things to do was find a cafe, sit down and order something to eat and drink, read a book on my iPad and people watch. So relaxing! And never any pressure to get going or order something else. 

I highly recommend a trip to France!


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