Flat Angels

Swiss MissLittle Sewing Angel

The Flat Angel project began when I brought an angel to the May meeting of Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild. Someone threw out the suggestion to send her traveling, like Flat Stanley, the grade school geography project. What a great idea! I can travel the world vicariously! Much cheaper, and I won’t be sleeping in any airports or train stations, on top of my suitcases. The pattern came from Wild Art Dolls, a really fun art doll site; Aisling also has several other sites I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

The rules:

  • These are really just suggestions/requests,but I would *really* appreciate knowing about your angel’s travels!
  • The most important thing is to have fun! Introduce her to your friends. Make jokes about her. Take your angel to your favorite bookstore or coffeeshop, to touristy places you’d take visitors, to that wedding you have to attend; where ever you want!
  • Email a photo/photos and a brief paragraph/paragraphs about her travels to me at cowgirl53@yahoo.com (put her name in the subject line), and I’ll post it to my blog. If I get a good enough response, I’ll set up a blog just for the Flat Angels.
  • Send her to another city, rather than just handing her to a friend in your city; this is a great excuse to write someone who lives some distance from you!
  • It’d be nice to keep a traveling journal that goes with the angel; a plain sheet of paper, with a photo/sketch and a brief paragraph about where you took her is perfect (nothing fancy!). If the journal starts getting too bulky, send it to:
    Edie Barbour
    PO Box 10371
    Fairbanks, AK 99710 USA
  • have fun with your angel and then send her on her way! Let’s see where these girls go!
  • My pattern and instructions; please feel free to share, but don’t sell, my pattern & instructions, or the Flat Angels. Thanks!

2 responses to “Flat Angels

  1. Hello Edie,
    I just found your blog…well, I think that I have visited before but now I have it in my bloglines! So? Has the “Flat Angel” project gotten off the ground? I am intrigued with it and I think that I will use it and combine it with my “Letter Box” project. I have a box filled with the names of people in my life and people I have met throughout my life. The names are on strips of paper and I pull one out and write a letter to that person. It is not an email but a REAL letter. I tell them about the letterbox concept and then fill them in on myself and reminisce etc…I ALWAYS get a letter back and continue corresponding and keeping in touch. I think that I will incorporate the flat angel. If I do, I will be sure to send you updates….connections….

    • Wonderful! I am a little disappointed that I haven’t anyone take pictures of their Flat Angels and send them to me, but I also haven’t gotten anyone to send their Angel on; everyone wants to keep them!
      It would be lovely if you’d like to add a Flat Angel to your letters; what a great idea! And yes, I’d love to see where they go! Do keep in touch!
      And feel free to alter the Angel as you see fit; there’s no rules or “you have to” in this project!

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