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It’s never too early to get ready for Christmas!

Christmas ornament

The pattern is from Helan Pearce’s book, Beaded Dimensional Embroidery. I actually like the flat ornament; I just couldn’t figure out how to use it! So I went ahead and made it into the cornucopia. Remember that you can click on each image for a larger view.

The base fabric is very light weight, and I had a tough time with my thread tension, so I ended up using an iron-on fabric stabilizer intended for machine embroidery. It worked great! And added just enough body to the outside and lining fabrics that I didn’t use anything else to stiffen the cornucopia. I used cotton embroidery thread, and metallic gold and silver machine embroidery thread for the embroidery. Two sizes of seed beads and a few sequins embellish the embroidery.

Christmas ornament Christmas ornament

I used a silver embroidered tape for the hanger. The lining is a white fabric with silver lines; I don’t know the fiber content, as it was a remnant from who knows where. I lined it with the fabric stabilizer mentioned above. Before attaching the two layers together, I turned under the raw edges and sewed them down, using some of the metallic machine embroidery thread. The final seam that shapes the cornucopia-you can’t see it in the photo because I thought it was boring-is also sewn with the metallic thread. Seed beads and bells dangling from the bottom complete the cornucopia.


Computer mittens

computer mittens

Okay, they’re those fingerless glove things. But I use them to protect the heel of my hand from the icy cold metal edge of the keyboard tray where my mouse lives. I’m mouse-bi-dextrous, and I do use both mittens. I cut down an old pair of mittens when the palms wore out, and replaced a very ratty old mitten that I’d used previously. The star and heart were on the original mittens, on the upper side of the finger area, so they’re showing their age a little. I needed a way to tell left from right tho, without putting a big L/R on them. And yes, they look like Christmas ornaments, because that’s what they were originally intended for.