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Glitter Not Gold

Glitter Not Gold

I just visited a new-to-me blog, Glitter Not Gold. Four Irish women have gotten together to write about “...their love of all things pretty, girly and generally glittery. The four of us have different passions in life including make-up, arts, crafts, baking, drawing, sewing – to name a few. This blog is going to be an outlet for us to show you our obsessions, projects as well as a broad snapshot of the things we enjoy“.

The post I particularly want to highlight is this one: the Seamless Pledge; wherein these women won’t be purchasing new clothes, but will buy secondhand and make their own. Similar to the Wardrobe Refashion pledge I took several years back. I haven’t poked around a whole lot yet, but I did like the Great Gatsby dress that Lany made. So go take a look! They look like a fun group! And they’re Irish-what could be better??

Oh, and p.s., Wardrobe Refashion has morphed into Handmaker’s Factory.


Unique Clothes Anyway You Like

neck band Scarf Scarf

The photos are from the Japanese craft book found on eBay, buy-it-now price is $27.00. 19 Full-Scaled Patterns of Unique & Cute Clothes“.

Okay, I want it; looks like there’ll be some great ideas for wardrobe refashioning, as well as new clothes with a unique twist, between the covers of this book. Maybe there’ll still be some available after I get back from Ireland.