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From foam to fish

My latest project is Man Fishing. A friend gave me a styrofoam fish mount-you ugly stryrofoam fishknow, when you catch a fish and want to hang it on your wall? Anyway, she wanted to see “what I could do with it”. And this is what I did:

styrofoam fish mount, embellished

It was a really fun project; all guesswork! I laid a piece of white sheet over the fish and marked an approximate outline on the sheet. Then I did all the crazy quilting and embroidery and beading (staying up until 1 a.m. two nights in a row to finish the beading). I sewed the two sides together at the topline and draped it over the mount. And was I ever happy to see that my approximate outline was pretty much on target! I stuffed the fabric under the head with the help of a butter knife, and the bottom is all pinned on, as are some of the fins and tail. The eyelashes and yarn hair over her eyes are attached with hot-glue, the fishing pole is attached with some industrial-strength glue, and the man she is fishing for is attached with thread to the fishing pole. I figured a hook would be too tempting to play with…

stryrofoam fish mount, embellished, left side
The fish was displayed at the Fairbanks Pioneer Home, for their Art Walk on Friday, September 21. I entered it into the 64th Parallel show at the Bear Art Gallery, but sadly, Man Fishing didn’t get in.

Naturally there are more photos on Flickr.


What if I made a ball instead of a baseball cap?

and it worked out just fine. I kept this one very simple – just a jumble of the first six and last six letters of the alphabet, embroidered with simple stitches. It was something I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile, inspired by the pentagon patch balls (or Grandmother’s flower garden, if you prefer).

Baseball cap ball

Baseball cap ball

another view

another view

But, I used a baby’s baseball cap pattern, sans bill :-), for my pattern. Okay, it’s not exactly round! And it’s a bit large, so next time I’ll shrink the pattern. I think for a smaller ball, I would embellish the seams instead of the sections though. And wouldn’t it be fun to do a crazy quilt ball?

And just because, here’s a list of other patterns for fabric balls:

Purlbee’s fabric beachball

Baby grab ball

Use up your scraps on this rag ball

Another beach ball pattern

IHanna’s balls using the pentagon patch

Sigh… I’ll be glad when my class is over. Two more weeks. Then maybe I can find the time to rearrange the shed and get to all my stuff. And get MORE stuff out of the house. I am so tired of tripping over stuff, the dog, things that aren’t put away because there’s nowhere to put them. And I’m tired of not knowing where this is, and that is, so I can go get it, do whatever, and put it back. I am frustrated with not being creative and thinking about projects to work on, but no room, no materials, and no time to work on them. Only three more weeks and Winter Solstice is here! I’ll get back to being my creative self again 🙂