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Hats, organza hats!

caps ready to be brimmed

They’re done! I made 9, count ’em, nine organza hats. And discovered yet again, that I am really not a production seamstress. I tried to streamline my process, and made them assembly-line style. It did not work for me; by the time I got to sewing the brim on, I hated those hats!

organza baseball caps

Fortunately, I had the sense to call on a friend for some help, and Jenny sewed all the brims on for me. What a relief! And she did a great job, as well as buying one of the hats. I wish I had a better picture of them; they are so attractive in real life.

Iris hat Iris hat
Putting the cap section together was fairly easy, and still a learning experience. I love the flowers but I was happy to find that I liked the flowerless blue hat in the front, which is a very lightweight blue star fabric layered over an equally light weight solid blue fabric. I’ll be making one of those for myself! I have pink stars too, and I layered that over a pearlescent white fabric. Maybe I’ll make a pink one for me, and a blue one for my sister.