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Avignon, January 3

Avignon is a beautiful town along the Rhone River in southeastern France. The old part of Avignon is walled, but this wall is quite different from the one in St. Malo. It’s very narrow and there are no borders along the walkway, so I was very glad they didn’t let the tourists walk on the wall. I could just see myself gawking at something and taking a misstep and falling off… There is a lovely path alongside the wall though, so I took a couple of hours and walked around the town. 

Today’s photos: https://goo.gl/photos/2kFe2TnJLvB2xGDR9

I didn’t walk across the Pont St. Benezet; it’s an ancient bridge, built and rebuilt several times. Between people destroying it and the Rhone knocking it over, the town finally gave up on rebuilding it. Some ways past the bridge is a high bluff; of course I had to get to the top! 

At the top you can see forever… Or at least a very long ways! You could see Fort St. Andre across the river. I didn’t visit the fort, but it was a fascinating view from the bluff. The river itself is very peaceful; there was no boat traffic when I was on the bluff, but since it’s winter, I’m guessing the tourist boats are all packed away for the season. I was on the bluff again later in the day; there’s a beautiful public garden up there. One of the bits is a grotto; you can walk up these rock stairs and get to a viewing area that gives you a wide angle sight surrounding Avignon.

You can also see Mont Blanc. I talked to a German guy and his son, and he told me the white peak is actually sand, not snow. I couldn’t find a webpage to confirm this however, so either I misremembered the name or… Who knows what! 

The rest of the walk back to the hotel was uneventful; no more stunning vistas or unfinished bridges. I was supposed to have gotten a bus ticket to Isle Sur La Sorques, a large antique/flea market but I didn’t organize that before leaving for France and it was too late by the time I got to the tourist office. The bus was gone and the market would close by noon. So I just wandered around Avignon. I couldn’t even force myself into any museums, though I think I should have visited the Palais des Papes. But it was a beautiful sunny warm day, so why spend it inside?

I walked up to the botanical gardens, the Jardin du Rocher des Doms, instead and wandered around there for a couple of hours. Nothing too special, but it was nice to be wandering through trees and bushes, a duck pond, a couple of children’s playgrounds, a large patio with a view of suburban Avignon… Just relaxing and quiet. 

The afternoon was more of the same, just wandering around, taking the occasional photo, and I spent a little time reading at a cafe and enjoying a glass of wine. I spent some time at the hotel later too, repacking and organizing the suitecase for the return to Paris and my last day in France. Sad to be going home, but I’m looking forward to seeing my girls, the Boston Terriers Becky and Babe.