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Sewing fail

oh this is sooo funny! I bought this pair of mitten liners for $1.00 at a garage sale.

mitten liners fated to be given away

the mitten liners-I liked the way they were made.

Nice easy pattern to copy and make covers for them. Which I did, using a thick wool skirt from the transfer station.

Oops… they came out looking like hotpads!

red mittens that look like potholders

well, it was a good try! Note that you can’t click on these for a larger image or go to my flickr site; nope, not saving this photo for posterity 🙂

I still like the pattern but I am going to resize it for my smaller hands and make another set of mittens with some windblock polar fleece and line them with regular polar fleece.

One of those times for “live and learn”!
The mitten liners? I think I’m going to give them to someone with bigger hands!

J.K. Rowling on failure: “It’s impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” from a Life Hacker post on Google+.

This is also a reminder to myself that sometimes you can’t fix it. I had a couple of semi-painful experiences at work in the last few days; when I went to apologize, that almost made the incident worse. Sometimes it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the other person’s headspace. Can’t fix that-that’s something they have to fix. Learn to leave it alone and just go on. Ignore their *&^!# and just smile at them next time. I can write about the incident in my journal and clear it out of my own head, and maybe that’s the best that I can do. More of the “live and learn” lesson!


New wristlets

I just finished these today! My desk at work has a thin metal edging that is really cold, plus my mouse pad has a nasty sharp edge. With these wristlets my tender arms are protected.

I used my favorite Cooperative Extension Service mitten pattern, cut down to expose the fingers. The polar fleece is scraps that needed to be used up; I love the cheerful bright yellow-not a color I normally wear, but as a small accessory, it’s fun. Inside the mittens on the bottom that slides along the desk, is another layer of bright blue polar fleece. The fabric flowers are motifs from a flowered fabric by Blank Quilting; apparently it’s discontinued because I couldn’t find it.

The flowers are edged with my typical chain-stitch-and-tight-buttonhole stitches and then attached to the mittens with beads. Simple, quick, and I think they’re attractive!

New mittens & a hat

Regrettably, I am one of those people that lose or destroy mittens and hats on a regular basis. I always need another set, no matter how many I already have. I lose a mitten, rip a hat, throw frisbees for the dog and a mitten is wet & yucky, put gas in the car and get fuel on one mitten; one way or another, I need multiple mittens and hats.

New mittens

New mittens

I had all these scraps of bright-colored, slinky fabric that were too small to do much with but they were so fun I couldn’t resist picking them up at the transfer station. So I decided to try a bit of a “what if”. I used the polar fleece as the ground fabric, laying the first piece face up. The next fabric is laid face down on top of the first, with a very quick sloppy straight stitch to attach the two fabrics onto the polar fleece. Flip the second piece over, then lay a third on top of it, face down, and do another quick sloppy straight stitch. Continue until the mitten top is covered with fashion fabrics. Then I embroidered with easy stitches and colorful threads. No beads or other findings; these mittens will probably not have a long life.

I wanted to see how a “flip and sew” method would work for crazy quilting. The main problem was that the soft slippery fashion fabrics I used were difficult to keep flat. I didn’t really care about the addition of a little texture, and mostly I could embroider any bubbles away. Lots and lots of pinning helped too.

Anyway, they’re bright, colorful, and warm! They’re entirely handsewn; I will probably never make another pair of mittens with the sewing machine. It was quick and easy to make them by hand, and no more frustrating twisting & turning with the machine.

And pretty soon, I’ll be having a hat to match!

Computer mittens

computer mittens

Okay, they’re those fingerless glove things. But I use them to protect the heel of my hand from the icy cold metal edge of the keyboard tray where my mouse lives. I’m mouse-bi-dextrous, and I do use both mittens. I cut down an old pair of mittens when the palms wore out, and replaced a very ratty old mitten that I’d used previously. The star and heart were on the original mittens, on the upper side of the finger area, so they’re showing their age a little. I needed a way to tell left from right tho, without putting a big L/R on them. And yes, they look like Christmas ornaments, because that’s what they were originally intended for.