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Tanana Valley State Fair 2008

Well the fair has started! and now it’s over. I’ll be picking my entries up this afternoon. Rain, rain, rain-it rained every day at the fair. Didn’t seem to keep people away though. I didn’t spend as much time at the fair as I usually do, because I was busier at work than usual-Skip’s going to Russia to do some field work, and I was helping him get ready, so I couldn’t leave early to go visit the fair. I must admit though, that the fair is boring. It’s the same old thing, year after year. I know exactly where a booth will be, how the fair is laid out, and what I will see before I ever get there. It hasn’t changed in the twenty years I’ve lived in Fairbanks. There is a certain comfort level in the sameness… but I pass over stuff that I might spend more time looking at, if it was unexpected.

refashioned sweatshirt

I have five entries. The sweatshirt is my sister’s; she sent me the materials and sweatshirt to refashion about a year ago. My sewing table is a huge mess, and that’s my excuse for not starting it sooner. She very kindly did not bug me about it. I’m really pleased with it; I would like to make one for myself now. It got a second, with a very nice review from the judge.

cell phone holder
The cell phone bag is a purchased felted bag that I embroidered with my own design, using silk ribbon. It placed second. More

Dragonfly quilt

Dragonfly quilt

And this little wall hanging is a small paper pieced crazy quilt square, set into a black background. It was a birthday gift for a friend last fall, and she was gracious enough to let me borrow it back and enter it in the fair. Happily this entry placed first and was also class champion.

The outside lid

Of course I put my sewing basket in the recycling section. I was really disappointed to only get a second with it, but apparently considerable weight is given to re-purposing an item, rather than just refurbishing something. The first place entry (which I searched long and hard to find) was an old gallon tea jar with a spout, turned into a planter; pretty much no work at all. Live and learn! More

Needle felted jeans
The jeans are my practice project from a felting class I took at A Weaver’s Yarn. Unfortunately I’ve gained a few pounds since making them and they’re not currently wearable. But they did place first in their class, so I have more incentive to lose five pounds. I really enjoyed doing the felting and dressing up the pants, and I’ll be felting on more garments and maybe even a wall hanging or ?? More


New jeans!

Needle felted jeans Needle felted jeans

Okay, they’re not new jeans, but they’re refurbished. I took a needlefelting class in December at A Weaver’s Yarn, and this was my class project. I was surprised at how easy it was! And at the wide range of fibers that can be needlefelted – basically anything. I used colored roving and several different yarns on the jeans. The big flower with the yellow center covers up a hole in my knee (I was running, tripped – you know the rest!), and a flower has to have a stem and leaves, doesn’t it? I used a piece of iron-on knit interfacing on the back to hold the fibers onto the jeans; I could have wet felted them too, but the sparkly yarn is (obviously!) not wool, so I thought the interfacing would be more secure.

I’m looking forward to making some needlefelted embellishments now, using the yarn I’ve been stacking up for crazy quilting embellishing. And nuno felting might be in my future too; I can see a hat…