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Train from St. Malo to Avignon – January 2, 2016

This will be a short post-it was a day long train ride from St. Malo to Avignon. I took some movies, ate lunch and was bored… 

This one is Voves, Center Region:

This one got deleted from my iPhone before I wrote down exactly where we were:


St. Malo, New Year’s Day

St. Malo, New Year’s Eve

Roxanne sent pictures of my darling girls at about 2 a.m., and shortly after that, thanks a to a text from Orange, the company I used to activate my cell phone in France, I discovered I was nearly out of cellphone coverage. So the plan for the morning was to find the Orange store-I had a street name, but no number. I headed off in the right direction and trudged through more St. Malo suburbs. I passed two towers, one seemed to be of fairly recent vintage, while the other was much older. I have no idea what they were for, but they were very cool!

Today’s photos: https://goo.gl/photos/eoaJKRyxhsyxjCes7

I found the street I needed, and it seemed like it might be the right one… I passed a small shopping area and then on the other side of the street was a huge shopping mall. I figured someone could help me figure out where the Orange store was. Lo and behold! It was in the mall!! So awesome!

My mistake yesterday was in not adding to my data plan. So I got that fixed and I now have a month of cell coverage for 20 euros. Much cheaper than the 35 euros I was charged the previous day. I was really glad I pointed to the map app on my phone, before we finished figuring out what I needed. Minutes in France means just that-phone call minutes. I didn’t know I needed a data plan; I’d forgotten that from my initial setup. 

After the cell phone was taken care of, I had fun exploring the huge Fred Meyers-like store and the shopping mall. My goodness these people eat a LOT of yogurt! One whole case/store aisle of nothing but yogurt. The grocery store is much like any store in the U.S.; different brand names and everything is in French (duh!); there is a real butcher that will cut exactly what you want (and pre-packaged meat too), and the bakery has those beautiful French sweets and baguettes. Some pre-packaged cheese, some that has to be cut and weighed. Smaller fresh fruit and veg area. 

I took the bus part way back to old St. Malo; I wanted to walk the wall of the ancient town. I passed the ferry terminal on the way. Would have been fun to take the ferry, if I’d known about it, but would have had to be a fast turnaround trip. 

I only saw pleasure boats in the harbor; all sailboats, not that I paid a lot of attention. Coast guard cutters too. On my way to the Orange store I passed a 3 masted schooner too. I took a photo of it, but it needs some photoshopping before I can share it. 

 (Well, my WordPress app isn’t letting me edit the photo, so will have to add one later)

 I finally entered old St Malo, absolutely crammed with tourists, so I skipped the wall walk and just wandered around. Narrow cobblestone streets, tall buildings… how did people live that way? All crammed together… Maybe that was only true during a siege though, because there was nowhere to grow vegetables and I still wonder where they kept the horses and other livestock. 

I wandered down the beach-yes, beach combing! I brought some shells home. The beach is long and very flat during low tide, but at high tide it comes very close to the sea wall that protects St. Malo from the ocean. My feet were wet all day; on leaving the hotel in the morning I walked up the beach and got caught by a wave before I could get up the steps. Oops!!

Off to France!

The girls-Becky and Babe, my Boston Terriers, will be in Roxanne’s safe hands while I’m gone. The suitcase is packed, there’s clean sheets on the bed, and the bathroom is spotless. All I have to do is sleep tonight and get on the plane tomorrow!

This trip is a total whim. This summer I managed to snag two free plane tickets by getting bumped (twice!) on a flight to Los Angeles, and I was casting around for a destination when my friend Mary said “Hey, you wanna go to France?”. And sure, why not? I criss-crossed France a couple times way back in ’78, and I’ve been through Paris, but haven’t stopped long enough to eat a croissant and walk to the top of the Eiffel Tower. So what the heck! Here I go!

I’ll stop overnight in Seattle and Staten Island, before hopping on a flight to London, switch planes and finally land in Paris on Monday. I’m anticipating cool, but not cold, weather. As of this writing, Paris is clear and 55 degrees. Much warmer than 10 degree Bethel, Alaska! There’ll be some museums, one or two embroidery/fabric stores, and a whole lotta walking going on in Paris, Bayeux, St. Malo, and Avignon.

I’ll be posting here and on my Flickr site (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cowgirl53/) hopefully daily, but at least 3 or so times a week. 

Joyeux Noel!!