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Refashion Inspiration

Refashion inspiration Refashion inspiration Refashion inspiration

Some Wardrobe Refashion inspiration from Urban Outfitters (first two images), and Free People Clothing.

All I need is more space and some free time, and I too could have some cute new blouses like these!
The enlarged images (in case the catalog pics go away!): onetwothree

Find more inspiration at BurdaStyle and Wardrobe Refashion!

My fashion guru’s comments:

Left: Many people think that having a straight line along the edge of their shirts is less unflattering to their contours than having a shape built in. NO. If you go with number one, curve it in along your NATURAL WAIST. Remember natural waist? That is more flattering. I don’t think ruffles or ruffly lace look good on adult women. It makes me think of women as children or like the Stepford wives. That said, in this particular case the ruffle is an interesting touch. And no animal fabrics – at least in my opinion; more plaid, patterns in complimentary colors but contrasting patterns!

Center: If you make this one, make sure the skirt fabric won’t stick to your pants, so preferably a weighty no cotton choice. The T-shirt underneath should be soemwhat fitted or it will detract from the ensemble.

Right: Great choice too. Great embelishment opportunity. I like using an upholstery fabric for the textured area shown across the back. Woven fabric will fall away from your body better than thin cotton, choose wisely.

try thisĀ one?

She also suggested this shirt – I’ll have to try one on first though, as in the past this style made me look preggers.