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Journal cover and a small what if

Chinese butterfly

Chinese butterfly, journal cover

Now that I’m back home again… ran out of oil, heater wouldn’t restart, so I stayed at a friend’s for three days. Finally got the Monitor oil stove going again-yay!!-after working on it for 4 hours in a 40° below cabin. I couldn’t sew at my friend’s house due to poor lighting, otherwise this would be finished. But hey! I was warm, the dog was warm; that’s what counted!

Symbol of hope, freedom, renewal, for a new journal, which happens to coincide with a new year. Lovingly attached with metallic threads to the black felt, backstitching along the inside edge of the wings and body, and inside the blue thread on the tail. A small what-if I don’t attach the tail edges? Let them fly with my hopes and dreams for future. Let them fly with happiness and a tiny bit of freedom.

The design is from Oriental Designs CD-Rom and Book, a Dover book. I used metallic threads to attach the butterfly to the black felt, backstitching along the inside edge of the wings and body. I did the same thing on the tail, but instead of backstitching along the buttonhole stitch edge, I did the backstitching along the inside of the blue chain stitch, and then did a herringbone stitch over the orange.

I’ll add a line of yellow beads on the yellow wing edge, and then it’ll be done and I can attach it to the cover of my next journal. If it’ll look nice, I’ll do it in such a way that, when I’ve finished the journal, I can remove the butterfly and use it in another project. I keep my journals of course, but I don’t want to hide away my covers!


What if I made a ball instead of a baseball cap?

and it worked out just fine. I kept this one very simple – just a jumble of the first six and last six letters of the alphabet, embroidered with simple stitches. It was something I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile, inspired by the pentagon patch balls (or Grandmother’s flower garden, if you prefer).

Baseball cap ball

Baseball cap ball

another view

another view

But, I used a baby’s baseball cap pattern, sans bill :-), for my pattern. Okay, it’s not exactly round! And it’s a bit large, so next time I’ll shrink the pattern. I think for a smaller ball, I would embellish the seams instead of the sections though. And wouldn’t it be fun to do a crazy quilt ball?

And just because, here’s a list of other patterns for fabric balls:

Purlbee’s fabric beachball

Baby grab ball

Use up your scraps on this rag ball

Another beach ball pattern

IHanna’s balls using the pentagon patch

Sigh… I’ll be glad when my class is over. Two more weeks. Then maybe I can find the time to rearrange the shed and get to all my stuff. And get MORE stuff out of the house. I am so tired of tripping over stuff, the dog, things that aren’t put away because there’s nowhere to put them. And I’m tired of not knowing where this is, and that is, so I can go get it, do whatever, and put it back. I am frustrated with not being creative and thinking about projects to work on, but no room, no materials, and no time to work on them. Only three more weeks and Winter Solstice is here! I’ll get back to being my creative self again 🙂

What-if list

Oct 13 update:

ah, once again I’ve overbooked myself… I DO want to participate in Jude’s “What If” and the list is as far as I’ve gotten because I’m taking Vegetation Analysis & Description. Basically what I do at work, is put my supervisor’s veg analysis & description of the arctic tundra online; I thought it would be great if I understood what he does out in the field. It’s an awesome class, but it’s taking a LOT more time than I thought it would! I keep thinking that “next week I’ll be caught up” and I can sew again (and never mind about the house renovation project; that’s been put on hold too!). And today… ack! I just found out (nooooo, I didn’t read the syllabus carefully!) that our notebooks are due on Wednesday! So I will be madly organizing all my lab notes tonight and tomorrow night. Sigh. Not sewing yet…

What if list:

I thought I’d better start a list of “what-ifs” so I don’t forget them. Not that they Have to get done, but old ideas are often a good starting point for new ideas. I haven’t started on a “what if” yet, because I’m still working on the house remodeling and the sewing things are in the shed. But I do have to table-sit tomorrow, so I might have something to show on Thursday.

  1. what if I use just red? what can I do to red fabric to change the color? w/out dyeing/painting/etc… how can I use embroidery thread/stitches, organza, or ?? to change the color?
  2. what if I manipulate the fabric to include texture? how can I use embroidery thread/stitches to add texture?
  3. what if I use sewing machine thread instead of embroidery thread? how many threads (plies?) will I need? can I mix colors? can I add in a rayon or metallic thread for some sparkle?
  4. what if I stop painting for a bit and play?? oh, the kitchen is still torn apart, I can’t cook, I can’t find anything, most of the sewing stuff is in the shed… sigh. I’ll finish up the kitchen and *then* I can take a break.
  5. After seeing this post at Crafting a Green World… what if I made a crazy quilt in a particular shape? Like my name… or I don’t know, crazy or quilting… WITH a hole somewhere…
  6. What if I use a digital photograph of Alaska’s fall colors; enlarge it to the point that I can pick colors from individual pixels, and use that for a color scheme? Or heck, just collect some leaves and go with those!
  7. What if I take geometric shapes, lay them down, and embroider through the middle, rather than laying down irregular shapes, turning edges under, and embellishing seams? Like this, but with hand embroidery, using a variety of stitches.
  8. And even easier, just take small pieces of fabric and lay them down as is, then embroider. No turning edges under, no worrying about whether the ground fabric is covered. Use something pretty for the ground, rather than muslin…
  9. in response to Jude’s wool what if – what if I take wool and just seam it (no ground fabrid)? or not even seam it, just join it? w/insertion stitches? or um, whaddya call it… a whip stitch? no ground fabric (& I’ll probably use wool/polyester felt, because that’s what I have). but I could collect some wool clothing from the transfer station or Value Village…
  10. computer printing! I just got a sample of printable fabric from a co-worker that I’m going to play with. Not that I haven’t printed on fabric, but the sample is quite a bit different from what I’ve used before. so what’s the what if? what if I print on the backside of the map that’s printed on the sample, cut up the fabric and use it? I could cut pieces that would be reversible (ie, the same shape no matter which side is “up”).
  11. I have several Dover clip art images that I printed onto fabric and then colored. What if I cut them apart, in say, a fan design, then insert crazy quilting between? I’ve been wondering what to do with them.

I haven’t had much of a chance to check everyone else’s “what-iffing” ( reallyreally need to add all the blogs to my reader!), so the list below is sort of in response to some ideas I saw tossed around earlier. These are projects I’ve done in the past, similar to a couple of “whatifs” I’ve read on Jude’s blog. The links go to my Flickr site.

  1. Laura’s Quilt – made from a yard’s worth of 4 inch square Laura Ashley fabrics in 1990. I consider this my first crazy quilt.
  2. Air conditioner cover – made from a package of pre-cut hexagons in 2002.
  3. Roses Are Red – five mono printed rectangles, with embroidery and embellishments. In the center is a beaded rose; I traded something for it, but I can’t remember what-probably a small quilt.
  4. Victorian Landscape – linoleum block print on fabric that incorporates crazy quilting, made in 1998 (block printing done in 1991 I think).
  5. Flower Basket – I like using crazy quilting as a frame; this is the first “CQ frame” I made, in 1994.
  6. Photo holder – this is the second one I made. I don’t really like it, because it doesn’t function the way I wanted it to. Take the long part and fold into thirds; the “wings” on each side fold into the center to hold the pouch closed (there are velcro tabs too). I need a picture of it folded up…