Monthly Archives: April 2008

Dang, it’s COLD!

And I’m back home in Alaska! A bit of a change from Ireland… Fairbanks can’t decide if it’s still winter, or it’s springtime. 70-ish degrees the day I got home and the next day too, and snow and down-to-zero temperatures at night since. Jeez, I’m glad to be back <lol>!

I had a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to go back, which is a real possibility, as I made new friends and am assured of a couple of guest rooms should I return. And I will. I didn’t get to see near as much as I’d planned (I got lost too many times!), and I didn’t hike as much as I wanted. There’s thousands of wildflowers I didn’t see, and people I didn’t meet. So yup, I’ve gotta go back!

I brought several projects to work on, and got a couple of them finished. I don’t have a photo of the baby onesies I embroidered; this was the second set. Apparently there is a population explosion going on in Fairbanks! I have one more set to do (and no one else better get pregnant!), and I have plenty of time to finish them before Baby arrives, so I’ll get a photo of this set.

needleholder needleholder
This project started out as a photo holder, but when I was packing for Ireland, I thought it might make a nice needle and scissors case for my trip. I found the thick yellow felt at A Weaver’s Yarn in town, and the yellow silk is a remnant from Britex in San Francisco. I finished it on the plane on the way over, but I am not thrilled with my new needlecase and didn’t use it. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it now. It just didn’t fold up the way I wanted it to. Oh well, I’ll figure out something!

passport bag
On Saturday morning, literally hours before I left for Ireland, I decided that I needed a new passport bag. So I assembled one out of the same fabrics that I’d pieced a hat from. The basic bag was finished before I got on the plane, but it still needed a strap, a button closure, and binding before it was really useful. Thank goodness for long plane rides! It was functional by the time I got to Ireland, but the first sleepless night I had, I redid the binding to close up the bag more. I was afraid my precious credit cards were going to fall out, and oh my, I would be a skinny little thing by the time I got home, without those bits of plastic! Not to mention that there wouldn’t be any embroidery thread or buttons or who knows what for my crazy quilt stash!

Irish baseball cap
I also brought a hat along, and that worked out as planned. I purchased threads and all kinds of fun stuff to finish off this hat while I was in Ireland. It’s very, very bright! And don’t be thinking that the threads and findings will tone it down! No siree bob, those threads are almost as bright as the fabric. I finished the bill of the cap, and one of the sections before I came home, and am well on my way to finishing section number two.

UPDATE:The new image inserter thingie isn’t working… But, I just learned that you can insert images manually (hm, so why is a blog better than a webpage, if I have to write HTML??). NOW you can see what I’m talking about! And I have two more sections of the hat done-more on that later!