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Happy Birthday Colette Happy Birthday Colette

Happy Birthday Colette!

A very tardy birthday gift for my chief supporter, shoulder-to-cry-on, listening post, and very good friend. It depicts my view of Colette; someone who loves animals, the outdoors, appreciates my efforts at art, an excellent seamstress, an artist in her own right, and a great First Friday companion.

It’s also my entry for Craft Sanity. Jennifer is having a drawing for Melinda Barta’s “Hip to Stitch” book. I listen to Jennifer’s lively podcast every week, when she “host(s) an online discussion about art, craft and all things creative”. This is THE best craft podcast I have listened to. Jennifer is professional, entertaining and very down to earth.

Melinda Barta came to Fairbanks, AK, last summer, but I unfortunately missed her visit. Her book looks fascinating; full of lively but simple embroidery projects. Suitable for the beginner, an experienced seamstress could take a project and go farther with it.

I must admit, I am thoroughly jealous of Melinda’s success as an embroideress. Too bad that she’s such a nice person! I know I would really enjoy meeting her, and maybe taking the Giz-man out for a hike with her. So, envious or not, I would love to have a copy of her book. If I don’t win the drawing, I guess I’ll have to break down and use my Bob Hague Award (a gift certificate to JoAnn’s), from my Tanana Valley State Fair entry.