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Art is…

What is art? How do I define it? – My own personal definition with help from a host of others. I’ll add to this as inspiration/information comes to me.

1) the piece transcends the medium – you love it even though it’s ceramic or you can see the beauty even if it’s in a medium you don’t do, don’t like

2) “…ART is anything that comes from the heart. … I see CRAFT as something that requires skill, but still hasn’t developed that unique voice that can only come from speaking through the heart.Karen Landey of IndieArts DVD Magazine, in an interview with Sister Diane of CraftyPod and DIYAlert.

3) From Sister Diane’s comment “…I believe art and craft are really the same thing: it’s the things that delight your unique soul the most, running down your arms and out your fingers into some tangible form.” Kind of the same thing as in #1, but phrased much more poetically.

4) Jude wonders why art needs to be defined; I started this post because I wanted to define it for myself, but maybe #5 is the best definition.

5) Sister Diane’s interview with Erin and Jill of Dolls For Friends has a great definition: “…When you start defining the difference between the two you begin to set one up as being better, or more valuable, than the other. …”What is Art?”. … It’s all creative expression.

okay, enough already… art is creative expression; it’s what makes me want to touch a piece or emulate it or just stare. I plan to delight in creating something to touch, to emulate, to stare at; and enjoy the process as much as the end result.

Update: another post, from Daniel W. Coburn, and be sure to read those comments too!